Blawan Production Studio, Berlin 2017

3D Diffuser 50 in the room increase psychoacoustic spaciouness

Volta Studios , Berlin , control room

Volta Studio were designed and successfully built with advanced modular technologies we use.

This photo shows only a part of the Control Room, as the room is very small. At the same time, almost ideal acoustic conditions were achieved for creative musical work.

Looping Group , Berlin , Podcast Studio

This Podcast Studio were designed by request of Marketing Media-production Company "Looping Group" in Berlin office. Designed and built Studio meet high-class standards for recording Podcast in different formats.

Soundproofed Modular Room in Funkhaus, dBsMusic Berlin

dBsMusic Berlin (Virtual tour , find our "Mix 5" suite on ground floor map)

Windows allow to have daylight inside the Room.

Andy Maurer , 2020 Australia Tasmania

I'm extremely happy I decided to work with Alexander of Schubert Studio for my music studio build. The space now looks, and more importantly sounds, amazingly good! The room I had to use for the studio was not at all ideal from a recording or mixing perspective - standing waves, flutter echo, lots of issues! But after doing some acoustic modelling, Alexander used absorption and diffusion specifically designed for the space I have, transforming the sound quality so it is now beautifully balanced. The studio is now an inspiring place to be! Alexander meticulously designed the space and consulted on the project from start to finish, his knowledge and communication skills were super impressive. What was even more impressive though, he did this all from a different country, he being in Germany, while I was in Australia. I'd definitely recommend Schubert Studio for design and consultation of any space where acoustics are of importance!

Andy Maurer

Infrarohd-music studio , Berlin

Vocal Recording room, equiped with absorber, modules with/absorbtion/diffusion elements

Aiko Rohd, a multiplatinum record producer from Berlin, commissioned us to come up with an acoustic treatment solution for his private studio.
We wanted to create something that offered premium functionality while simultaneously inspiring creativity. Our simple and cozy design both functional and aesthetic with natural materials strategically fitted throughout the room, including textile & wooden panels cut in a unique geometric pattern.

- complex polygonal surfaces: good for acoustics, but tricky for manufacturing; just one wall needs 5 unique trapezoid absorption textile panels.

- the ceiling has niches (between the beams) where we placed 6 tuned bass traps (rectangular blocks wrapped in raw linen textile)
- for the rest of the walls we designed compact lightweight wooden modules, which contain our custom 3D Diffuser 50 made from plywood covered with oil and wax; for the desired acoustic parameters, a small room like this needs diffusers in order to counteract its's inherent dry sound (if only absorption panel are used)
- due to the mobility of the panels, we only needed 6 hours for installation on this project, allowing the very busy studio to hardly miss a beat.

Major Studio, Moscow

The existing studio was built and founded by the Vladimir Yudanov, well known designer and architect in Moscow, and is equipped with world-class gear and monitoring systems.Because of using only absorbing materials in the existing design, despite the large size of the room, the sound of the records was too damped, muffled and not alive, like it often happens with regular rehearsal rooms. Room modes spoil the solidity bass and decrease the quality of records significantly. We offered and idea to use diffusers to redesign and reconstruct this studio. In the recording room we used different custom constructions such as 3D Diffuser 50 modules and 3D Diffuser 80, natural stonesl, and fine-tuned membrane bass traps.

Small control rooms as this one are always in need to have their reverberation time increased. But since the surfaces is placed too close to the engineer, only Diffractal 21-GL could solve that problem effectively, making this tiny acoustic space deeper by "dissolving" of back wall presence. Because we were required of aesthetic interior and artlook of acoustic treatment systems and same time of effective acoustic performance we combine precise design and creative approach in manufacturing of panels. We provided an original eco-friendly style,using natural linen fabrics, wood and hi-tech elements made of glass , bringing the studio to luxury look and sound.

Fuseroom, Berlin

Previously designed for film production Control Room were redesigned by us and tuned to new purpose of music production

The new Berlin “home” of an Italian producer from Florence has been redesigned and rebuild in the industrial heart of Berlin on the Spree river. The huge 60 sq.m . control room was redesigned for better-balanced bass response. A 3D Diffuser 50 cluster was installed to make the room sound more alive and thus let to use it as third recording room within the studio

The proper method of simulation and combining absorption and diffusion elements with the right proportion lead to perfect results in acoustic and in aesthetic aspects.

ARC Studio

Live room of studio provides great diffusion soundfield and good balance in wide frequency range spectrum

The great transformation of an ordinary rehearsal room into the best sounding recording studio in the city was reached by proper acoustic simulation. Like most of these rooms ("Do It Yourself", without sufficient acoustic knowledge and experience), ARS had many shortcomings. But thanks to a professional approach and properly applied hands from the usual rehearsal room we managed to build a great studio.

The 12 pieces of 3D Diffusers 50 mounted on the walls significantly changes the sound of the recording room, especially as it was reducing flattering echoes, caused by the large glass surface of the studio window and the intransparent heavy fabric of the walls.The control room was designed from scratch, giving the opportunity to capture and mix the highest quality records, using just a 16 sq.meters room. The DIffractal 19 made of wood provides diffused soundfield in a wide frequency range.

Bruno Grife Studio, St.Petersburg

Bruno Grife-music producer/remixer from the USA - has settled down with a new studio in St.Petersburg. The Studio is located in a penthaus within a residential building, so soundproofing was one of the main challenges in this project. To reach a desirable soundproofing of the given wooden lightweight walls we needed to build a room in room construction using 3-4 layers of gypsum board.The studio has a unique design as it must fit into the home environment of Bruno’s flat. The most common task for any studio is mixing which is the biggest part of EDM production .

The bass tightness desirable in such productive studios could be achieved only with proper simulation and constructing special bass traps. At the same time it should provide comfortable long term working possibilities to the producer, so 3 modules of Diffractals-73 GL will provide a diffused sound field a in wide spectrum of 340-18kHz. Natural materials such as linen and wood finished with oil and wax provide an eco-friendly comfortable atmosphere.