project: Universal Music Canteen . Berlin Acoustic treatment / noise reduction / Art Design

Acoustic panels on the walls, a terrace directly on the Spree: the Berlin canteen of the music company Universal offers much more than just a place to eat. But the salt shakers are treacherous.

Michelberger Hotel Restaurant, Berlin

This beautiful and vibrant place in the center of Berlin has a great history and is very popular among the young international creative community. A top-class restaurant, Michelberger Hotel Restaurant has a great minimalistic design and characteristic features such as glazed tiles on parallel walls and a concrete ceiling. In contrast to its appearance, the Restaurant had a rather poor acoustic. The reverberation time exceeded 3 seconds, which made any conversation there nearly impossible. With more than 10 people talking at once, it became so loud that one could barely hear each other.

The sound pressure in the evening exceed 89-93 dB and people needed to talk very loud in order to hear each other even if there were no more than 60 cm between them.We designed and manufactured an acoustically effective solution for the restaurant, while keeping the acoustic design in harmony with the uniquely angled form of its ceiling.The effect of the acoustic treatment had a huge impact on guests and improved the the comfort of speech and listening.Now the public can stay longer in the Restaurant without getting tired of the noize. We observe a 12-16 dB reduction of sound pressure produced by the guests. The reverberation time is now also in an appropriate range - less than 1 second..

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Karnaval der Kulturen, Berlin

Rehearsal Hall

Apotheke Club / Hi-End Acoustic Club, Berlin

The task was to design a well soundproofed and optimized acoustic inside a nightclub in the basement of a residential building. The acoustic was aimed to provide optimal conditions for the usage of expensive studio monitor speakers by Genelec. At the same time the nightclub with its surfaces made mostly of unpainted concrete, should retain its “rough” Berlin style. Among Berlin's EDM electronic music producers and DJ's this club has gained a good reputation as the best place for testing brand new CDs and vinyls releases.

To solve all these problems we have developed the concept of "room in a room", which provdata-langes the best soundproofing effect. A large number of finely tuned bass traps made of solid spring-membrane structures were used to get the right response from the room. To match the interior design, we also used plywood surfaces that look great in this "bunker style". After several measurements, we found a large smoothed frequency response of the room. This acoustic solution also provided a clear and powerful bass.